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Elected and Appointed Government Officials

Mississippi's Top 50 Most Influential


When Gregg Harper was first elected to Congress in 2008, he seemed to most political observers to “come out of nowhere”, but that wasn’t really the case.  Harper had spent over almost three decades as a lawyer serving as the prosecuting attorney in Richland and Brandon as well as a party activist on the county GOP level.  His activism both with the GOP and in his church community brought a lot of energy and voters to a campaign that a lot of establishment people didn’t see coming to break out of a crowded field to win that open seat.

Since he’s been in DC, he has quickly progressed up through the ranks.  Gregg serves on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, where he is a member of three subcommittees: Environment and the Economy; Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade; and Energy and Power. Gregg serves as the vice-chairman of the Subcommittee on Environment and the Economy. Congressman Harper was also appointed by the Speaker to sit on three select Committees:  the Committee on House Administration; the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress, where he serves as vice-chairman; and the Joint Committee on Printing, where he serves as chairman.

Both he and his wife Sidney are committed to supporting families raising children with special needs.  Gregg founded the Fragile-X caucus and has been an outspoken leader on federal legislative issues for special needs families.

As for the political future, Harper is of the right age, in the right sort of district and has the right track record where he will likely have leadership options ahead of him either as a Congressman or for another office if he so chooses.