ANNOUNCEMENT: The 6th MS Top 50 will be announced February 23, 2023. Nominations for 7th MS Top 50 open in October 2023!   Learn More

Jackson Mississppi

What is Mississippi Top 50?

Mississippi Top 50 is an annual list of the people who are judged to be the most influential leaders in the state.  This bipartisan selection of leaders comes from the ranks of elected and appointed officials, economic development professionals, business, media and government affairs.  

The awards are sponsored by Magnolia Tribune and other Mississippi organizations (listed below). 

Awardees are nominated through an open process. Recognizing the most influential every year helps to spotlight what is right with Mississippi, celebrating the people who are the key to providing leadership as we reach for what our great state can and should be for us all.

Additionally, there is a special recognition annually for the “Hall of Fame.”  These are Mississippians who have made lasting contributions to the political, business and public policy landscape throughout their professional and private lives for the benefit of Mississippi.

Mississippi Top 50 is proudly sponsored by: