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Mississippi's Top 50 Most Influential

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Joey Deason

Before moving to his current role as Executive Director of Madison County Economic Development Authority, Joey Deason served as Chief Operating Officer for 4 ½ years with the Golden Triangle Development LINK. Deason was responsible for the recruitment of new jobs and investment to the GTR as well assisting existing businesses grow and expand. This position required many of the same skill sets acquired while working for GM/Delphi, the Mississippi Development Authority, and Schulz Xtruded Products. Skill sets such as negotiations, constructing Memorandums of Understandings, construction expertise, and business development. Successes include but not limited to landing projects such as Yokohama Tire and C-Spire to the GTR Region.

Deason began his career with a 17-year stint at General Motors and Delphi Automotive Systems focusing on developing strategic initiatives, negotiations, Mergers and Acquisition, and value stream management. Most of his career was spent in the states of Mississippi, Michigan, and Alabama. His last job assignments were as the Global Finance Manager for Delphi Steering in Saginaw, Michigan and Mercedes Benz Finance Manager for Delphi Interior located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In these positions, Deason was responsible for the financial accounting and oversight of $3.3B dollars in annual sales.

Deason moved on from General Motors and Delphi Automotive Systems to spend the next 4 years working for the Mississippi Development Authority as the Chief Financial Officer. In this role he was responsible for an annual budget of $2.3B and duties included negotiating with national and international Fortune 500 companies, performing due diligence,constructing Memorandums of Understandings, conducting income and balance sheet reviews, oversight of 7 divisions totaling 225 employees within the Mississippi Development Authority, and assessing business plan viability to limit State financial risk. Deason was instrumental in the coordination and selection of various corporations choosing Mississippi as their new home. Corporations included but not limited to Toyota, PACCAR, and SeverStal.